Santa Claus is coming to town...

Maps & Schedule

 Date  Time  Location  Host  Map
 12/1  5:15pm  CC Ranch / Hiddenlake  Latter Day Saints Church  Map
 12/2  5:15pm  Northlake / Stonegate  LA County Park & Rec  Map
 12/3  5:15pm  Violin Cyn / Castaic Lake RV  The Newhall Signal
     Lake Hills MHP / Lake View  Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce  
 12/4  5:15pm  Encore / Bravo / Marigold  Friends of Castaic Lake  Map
     Country Village    
 12/5    Hillcrest North  RESCHEDULED TO 12/10  Map
 12/6  5:15pm  Hillcrest South  Allstate Insurance  Map
 12/7  5:15pm  North Bluffs / Hasley Hills east  The Preach Family  Map
 12/8  5:15pm  Hasley Hills west / Hasley Cyn  The Licari Family  Map
 12/9  5:15pm  Live Oak  Hope Christian Church  Map
 Hillcrest North
 Castaic Town Council

1. Please Note- stops may be rescheduled due to rain- check back here for schedule updates.
2. The "Music Car" announces that the Float is on its way. The Float will arrive at the first stop at approximately
    5:15pm and each stop thereafter will vary based on the amount of time spent at prior stops.